21. June - 23. June 2019

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Dear participants,

the online registration is open till 20th of June 2019!
Afterwards you can register at the festival as long as there are vacancies!

Your E-Bike Festival Team

Themed-Leisure E-Bike Tours Registration

Themend-Leisure E-Bike Tours Registration:

Registration Form - Themed Leisure Cycle Tours (Nominal Fee EUR 15,- excl. e-bike rental)

Please overtake the four animated characters.

I accept the data protection regulations

ElektroRad Night Tour Registration

ElektroRad Night Tour Registration:

Registration Form - ElektroRad Night Tour / 8pm (Nominal Fee EUR 15,- excl. e-bike rental)

I will participate at the ElektroRad Night Tour.

Please overtake the four animated characters.

I accept the data protection regulations

E-Bike Technique Training Registration

The BIKEACADEMY's E-Bike Biking Technique Training Registration

Registration Form - E-Bike Biking Technique Training (Nominal fee EUR 20)

with personal E-Bike
I need to hire an E-Bike please (fee EUR 15)

Please overtake the four animated characters.

I accept the data protection regulations

"Speed Testing" Sessions Registration

"Speed Testing" Sessions - Registration

Speed Testing Sessions 22. & 23. 6. 2019

I do confirm my participation at the chosen session. If I can't participant I do have to contact the host till thursday, 20th of June 2019.

Please overtake the four animated characters.

I accept the data protection regulations

E-Bike Convention Registration

E-Bike Convention of a different kind - Registration

Registration E-Bike Convention 21st of June 2019

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Please pay attention to our conditions of payment and terms of participation:

Conditions of Payment

To confirm your registration, the registration fee must be paid into the event account, no later than Monday, 17th of June 2019.
Otherwise the reservation expires!

When making the payment, please enter the name which was given at the time of registration!

Registration for the Vivax E-MTB tours is carried out directly by our partner Vivax Assist.

All prices are with 20% VAT.

Terms of participation

- All participants of the guided Themed-Leisure-Cycle-Tours as well as the guided ElektroRad night tour and the e-bike technique training have to follow the road traffic regulations at any time!

- During the tours/trainings the participant has to follow the instructions of the tour guide.

- The guided tours and the training are mostly on cycling paths and back roads. The whole course is not closed to the ordinary traffic and the participant has to reckon with oncoming traffic at any time.

- On roads and narrow cycle paths the participants have to cycle in a row.

- The participant is liable for all damages attributed to accidents, public liability and deliberate acts.

- The participant realizes that the promoters, organizers and sponsors will take absolutely no responsibility for damages and injuries which the participant suffers. He/she explicitly states that he/she will make no claims whatever against those referred to in case of damage or injury.

- The e-bike/pedelec must be locked during stops.

- The leaser has received a technical briefing on the e-bike.

- The leaser is required to handle the pedelec/e-bike carefully and within the scope of ordinary use for such vehicles. He/she must observe applicable regulations and technical rules in order to avoid damage.

- Before starting the tour/training, the leaser convinces himself/herself of the operational safety of the e-bike. Any complaints or defects must be noted in the rental agreement.

- Rented pedelecs/e-bikes must be returned directly after the tour/training. The rental duration ends after the tour/training.

- The fee of participation has to be paid in advance.

- Parents are liable for their children.

- Children are allowed to participate at the age of 14 in company of the legal guardian. A sufficient height for the handling of an e-bike is required.

- The participant agrees to the publications of photos made during the tour.

- During the guided tours and the technique training the participants have to wear a helmet!

- The participation is valid from the date of payment (deposit or cash). If the payment is not made in time (30th of June latest) the online reservation can be cancelled and the place given to other participants.

- A refund of the participation fee is only possible on grounds of ill health or cancellation by the host (danger for participants due to severe weather situations or catastrophes and cancellation by executive authorities).

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